How can NACOLE help community members/city officials implement or improve oversight?


The mission NACOLE is to enhance fair and professional law enforcement responsive to community needs. NACOLE also:

  1. Provides for the establishment, development, education, and technical assistance of/for the civilian oversight of law enforcement.
  2. Develops a national forum to provide an informational and educational clearinghouse and a publication resource of educational information for the public and organizations in the field of civilian oversight of law enforcement.
  3. Encourages the highest ethical standards in organizations that help oversee law enforcement.
  4. Educates the public by developing mechanisms to enhance police and community relations, educate law enforcement agencies, and encourage law enforcement to respond with sensitivity to citizens’ issues and complaints.
  5. Provides, for a reasonable fee, consulting services to states, counties, cities and towns to assist in the design or refinement of oversight mechanisms.
  6. Provides training to staff members and volunteers of oversight agencies.
  7. Provides technical assistance and advice to jurisdictions that are considering the creation or revitalization of oversight bodies.
  8. Identifies best practices as they emerge from the experiences of members.
  9. Encourages networking, communication and information-sharing to counter the isolation inherent in the profession.
  10. Furnishes information to government officials and community representatives that will support their advocacy of oversight in their states, counties, cities and towns.
  11. Educates members by organizing an annual training conference that highlights best practices in the rapidly evolving world of citizen oversight through a program featuring guest speakers, panel discussions and workshops.

Connects members to one another through informal and formal networks of people who freely share their expertise and experiences in citizen oversight.