Urgent Priorities to Further Our Reform Efforts

The field of oversight of law enforcement has grown significantly in the last few years. With it, the needs of practitioners and communities looking to establish civilian oversight have also grown; the current national outcry for police reform has accelerated that growth rapidly. NACOLE is working hard to meet the demand but money is often a limiting factor. With your help, we could increase our capacity for outreach, advocacy, and education. We want to strengthen and expand oversight throughout the country, and give those tasked with doing this challenging and essential work the support and professional development they need to be strong, effective community-change agents. Your donation will directly support NACOLE’s top 3 priorities:

1. Advocacy for civilian oversight

2. Training of oversight professionals

3. Defining and defending oversight with state-of-the-field research and data

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NACOLE Board Votes to Raise Membership Fees

With increased operational costs and expanded services to jurisdictions across the counrty, the NACOLE Board of Directors recently made the decision to raise the Organziational, Regular, and Associate Membership fees by 25%. The raise will not affect the Student Membership rate. Read More

NACOLE Seeking Training and Technical Assistant Consultants

Over the past several years, NACOLE's work to assist jurisdictions across the United States has increased.  In order to better serve the needs of the civilian oversight community and those wishing to implement civilian oversight, NACOLE is looking to build a pool of qualified consultants to whom NACOLE can sub-contract training and technical assistance work. Read More

Save the Date for the 2022 Annual NACOLE Conference

The 28th Annual Conference of the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement will take place September 11-15, 2022 in Fort Worth, Texas.  Make sure to save these dates and check back for additional schedule and registration in formation this Spring.



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    Sunday, September 11, 2022 at 12:00 PM through September 15, 2022

    2022 Annual NACOLE Conference

    Downtown_Fort_Worth_Night.jpgCo-creating Public Safety through Civilian Oversight, Law Enforcement, and Community Partnerships

    The 28th Annual Conference is scheduled to take place September 11-15, 2022 in Fort Worth, Texas. Three one-day virtual events will be taking place on October 26th, November 2nd, and November 9th.

    This year's annual conference will bring together experts from the United States and around the world to discuss ways in which we can create intentional relationships and work with others to build better oversight and, as a result, better public safety systems. Our sessions will focus on the momentum of the last two years, ensuring that the work for meaningful and sustainable change continues. Speakers will share information on strengthening the work of police, jail, and prison oversight as well as innovations that will push civilian oversight forward in this continued era of reform. 

    The links below will allow you to find out more about this year's event and make your hotel reservations.

    registration.pngConference Hotel Reservationsschedule.png

    The health and safety of our conference attendees and the broader community is a top priority. With that said, attendees should be aware that most of our events will take place indoors and we anticipate more than 400 attendees. Our policies and guidelines will continue to evolve based on the recommendations and guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We encourage attendees to test prior to arrival to make sure they are COVID-free and wear masks during conference sessions. We also ask that any attendee with symptoms not attend events associated with the conference. Refunds will not be issued to those unable to attend the conference because of the presence of COVID symptoms. Attendees are therefore encouraged to take all necessary precautions prior.





National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement

NACOLE is a non-profit organization that works to enhance accountability and transparency in policing and build community trust through civilian oversight. Read More

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