NACOLE Election Information & Resources

Officers and members of the Board of Directors shall be elected by the voting membership at the annual meeting according to the procedures as described in Article VII of By-Laws, with the commencement of the term of office to take place during the annual conference. Terms of office shall be staggered so that, as close as possible, one-third of the Board, excluding the President, Vice-President and the Immediate Past President, are elected each year.  No member of the Board of Directors shall be eligible to be elected to serve more than three consecutive three-year terms or a total of 12 consecutive years on the Board regardless of position. 

All members of the Board of Directors are asked to act as responsible and prudent stewards of the organization and are tasked with ensuring that the organization does the best work possible in pursuit of its goals. Each member of the Board is therefore asked to sign a commitment outlining their responsibilities as a member of the NACOLE Board of Directors.  A copy of this Statement of Commitement may be found below in the list of election materials.  All candidates are encouraged to read this statement prior to submitting their declaration of candidacy so that they may have a clear understanding of what  will be expected and to ensure that they will be able to fulfill their commitment as a member of the NACOLE Board of Directors.


Only regular members in accordance with the Bylaws who have been a member in good standing for one (1) year, whose dues are fully paid at the time that he/she files a declaration of intent to stand for election, and who have attended at least one (1) of the two previous national conferences shall be eligible for election as an Officer or to the Board of Directors.  Any organizational member who seeks election to office must hold his/her organization’s voting membership.

Declarations for Election to Office

The Election Committee shall receive declarations of candidates and pertinent background information for each position in the regular election of Officers and Board of Directors.  Members may file for no more than one position.

2018 Election Materials 


2018 Declarations of Candidacy (in order of submission) 

 Candidate(s) for President:


Brian Corr is the current president of the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement (NACOLE), a nonprofit organization that works to: enhance fair and professional law enforcement responsive to community needs; increase accountability and transparency in policing; and build community trust through civilian oversight.  READ MORE



Candidate(s) for Vice-President:


Margo Frasier served as the Police Monitor for the City of Austin, Texas, from January 2011 until February 2017.  The Office of the Police Monitor is the agency that receives complaints against sworn police officers of the Austin Police Department and oversees the investigations of the Internal Affairs Division.  READ MORE



Candidate(s) for Board Member-at-Large:  


Mr. Anthony W. Finnell, Sr. currently serves as the Interim Executive Director of the Community Police Review Agency (CPRA) in Oakland, CA.  He previously served as the Executive Director of the Citizens’ Police Review Board (the CPRA’s predecessor) in Oakland, beginning in July 2014.  READ MORE




Mr. George Perezvelez currently serves as the Chair of the BART Police Citizen Review Board (BPCRB) in California, a multi county oversight board serving the Bay Area. Mr. Perezvelez was first appointed to the BPCRB in 2011 at its inception and served as it first Chair.  READ MORE




Katherine_Lee_Headshot.jpgKATHERINE LEE, BERKELEY, CA

Kathy is the Police Review Commission Officer for the City of Berkeley Police Review Commission (PRC). In this position, she serves as secretary to the nine-member commission, and supervises the intake and investigation of civilian complaints against Berkeley police officers.  READ MORE