Founders and Presidents

NACOLE Founders

In 1993, members of the United States delegation to the International Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts, met to discuss issues relating to civilian oversight of law enforcement within the U.S. The focus of the meeting was the creation of a national organization that would address these issues. Two years later, a group met in Landover, Maryland, and the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement (NACOLE) was established. Their hard work and dedication laid the foundation for an organization that has continued to grow and advance practice of civilian oversight.

Donald Casimere

Clyde B. Davis

Felicia Davis

James L. Johnson

Robin Lolar

Malvina Monteiro

Brian C. Reeder

Larna Spearman

NACOLE Presidents

Since NACOLE’s founding, the Association has been led by individuals with a strong commitment to civilian oversight and NACOLE’s mission. Their commitment has ensured the Association’s continued growth and stability.

Brian C. Reeder (1997-2000)

Indianapolis, Indiana

Sue L. Quinn (2000-2003)

San Diego, California

Malvina Monteiro (2003-2005)

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Barbara Attard (2005-2006)

San Francisco, California

Pierce Murphy (2006-2007)

Boise, Idaho

Eduardo Diaz, Ph.D. (2007-2008)

Miami, Florida

Philip K. Eure (2008-2009, 2010)

Washington, D.C.

André Birotte, Jr. (2009)

Los Angeles, California

Kathryn Olson (2010-2012)

Seattle, Washington

Ilana Rosenzweig (2012-2013)

Chicago, Illinois

Brian Buchner (2013-2016)

Los Angeles, California

Brian Corr (2016- 2019)

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Susan Hutson (2019- 2021)

New Orleans, Louisiana

Gianina Irlando (2021-2023)

Denver, Colorado

Anthony Finnell (2023-present)

Indianapolis, Indiana