NACOLE committees further the mission of NACOLE by pursuing projects and initiatives within their subject matter. They are the operational core of NACOLE. NACOLE members are encouraged to become more involved with the organization by working on a committee and many members currently serve on one or more committees, or have done so in the past. Contact the Committee Chair for more information.

Each committee works to set the goals for the year and holds a monthly telephone conference call meeting which all committee members s are expected to attend. It is expected that Committee Chairs will set goals for their committees each year with the input of committee members who will also work to meet those goals.

The following applies to all committees: 

  • All committees and their members shall conduct committee business in accordance with the Association’s policies, procedures, and Bylaws. 
  • Committee members are recommended by the Board of Directors and appointed by the President for a term of up to one (1) year.
  • A member of the Board of Directors shall chair each committee.
  • The President shall chair the President’s Executive Advisory Committee.
  • The President is an ex-officio member of all committees.

Click HERE to view the full list of the 2020-2021 committee members.

Annual Conference Committee: Plans, coordinates, and oversees the development and implementation of a comprehensive, informative, and inclusive Annual Conference program, assists with local, regional, and national planning efforts, which includes, but is not limited to, marketing, outreach, and fundraising initiatives, ensures a diversity of speakers and perspectives are represented in the annual conference program, and provides logistical support before, during, and after the annual conference.

Current Co-Chairs: Gia Irlando, Janna Lewis

Communications Working Group: This group has been temporarily formed to address communication needs and issues.  Website content and organization, the NACOLE Digest, social media, and additional methods of how communication with the NACOLE membership and greater oversight community can be looked at, streamlined, and enhanced.

Current Chair: Brian Corr

Elections and Bylaws Committee: In addition to its responsibilities and duties under Article VII, Section B of the Association’s Bylaws, the Committee receives inquires regarding changes in the Bylaws and prepares and distributes draft bylaws amendments to the Board of Directors and members.

Current Chair: Anthony Finnell

Finance Committee: Prepares the draft budget for review by the Board of Directors, analyzes funding and budget issues that may surface during the year, reviews the association’s financial position monthly, drafts financial policies and procedures, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for resolving any financial issues.  The Treasurer shall be a member of the Finance Committee but shall not be the chair.

Current Chair:  Margo Frasier

Jail and Prison Oversight Working Group: As reform efforts continue, jail and prison oversight continues to expand to ensure humane treatment of those in custody and to prevent unnecessary tragedies from occurring. This working group will to discuss ways in which we can work to expand the number of jail and prison oversight entities throughout the country and the necessary tools and recources needed for continued and enhanced support mechanisms for those doing the work.

Current Chair:  Cathleen Beltz

Member Development and Support Committee: Supports the association’s current individual and organizational members and works to increase membership. The Committee works with individual and organizational members to develop means for greater involvement and enhanced communication between the board and the membership throughout the year, and to increase the number and diversity of NACOLE members engaged in the work of the organization.  The committee is also tasked with the development and implementation of the NACOLE's Peer Support Program.

Current Co-Chairs: Nicolle Barton and Willie Bell

Organization Development Working Group: As the organization continues to grow and the need for support for civilian oversight of law enforcement increases, this working group will look at organizational development and issues such as funding streams, the feasibility of adding an executive director, and other ways in which NACOLE can expand its capacity.

Current Chair: Margo Frasier

President’s Executive Advisory Committee: Includes, but is not limited to, NACOLE Founders, Past Presidents, and civilian oversight executives and leaders in the field.  The Committee supports the President in his or her capacity as the presiding officer of the association, offers guidance on critical issues and sensitive matters affecting the Board of Directors, membership, or the association, and provides general support for the President in implementing their vision and goals.

Current Chair: Susan Hutson

Strategic Planning Committee: Conducts ongoing strategic assessments of the association, within the context of the association’s mission and goals, so that it can be responsive to the needs of its membership and always advance the principles and practice of civilian oversight of law enforcement.  This includes identifying long-term goals for the association and potential strategic partnerships; identifying, developing, and coordinating the response to grant opportunities; and developing the association’s strategic plan and vision.

Current Chair: Clarence Vaughn

Training, Education, and Standards Committee:  

The Training, Education, and Standards (TES) Committee provides training and educational opportunities for NACOLE members and the public regarding civilian oversight of law enforcement and relevant law enforcement topics.  The committee plans and facilitates webinars, regional training and networking conferences, and academic symposiums, oversees the certified practitioner of oversight program, evaluates nominations for NACOLE annual awards and recommends recipients to the board, and provides assistance as needed for other training and relevant grant-funded projects.  NACOLE’s director of training and education supports this committee’s work.

Current Co-Chairs: Florence Finkle and Jennifer Jarett

Use of Force Policy Working Group: Many oversight entities have been tasked with working alongside city officials and law enforcement to review existing and recommend new use of force policies. This working group will look at what is being done around the country and what informaiton and resources NACOLE can provide to help agencies doing this work.

Current Chiar: George Perezvelez