2023 NACOLE Committee Members

NACOLE committees further the mission of NACOLE by pursuing projects and initiatives within their subject matter. They are the operational core of NACOLE. NACOLE members are encouraged to become more involved with the organization by working on a committee and many members currently serve on one or more committees, or have done so in the past. Contact the Committee Chair for more information.

Each committee works to set the goals for the year and holds a monthly video conference call meeting which all committee members are expected to attend. It is expected that Committee Chairs will set goals for their committees each year with the input of committee members who will also work to meet those goals.

The following applies to all committees: 

  • All committees and their members shall conduct committee business in accordance with the Association’s policies, procedures, and Bylaws. 
  • Committee members are recommended by the Board of Directors and appointed by the President for a term of up to one (1) year.
  • A member of the Board of Directors shall chair each committee.
  • The President is an ex-officio member of all committees.

Annual Conference Committee: Plans, coordinates, and oversees the development and implementation of a comprehensive, informative, and inclusive Annual Conference program.  In addition, they assist with local, regional, and national planning efforts including marketing, outreach, and fundraising initiatives.  They will help to ensure a diversity of speakers and perspectives are represented in the annual conference program and provide logistical support before, during, and after the annual conference.

Current Co-Chairs: Florence Finkle and George Perezvelez

Communications Committee: Addresses the communication needs of the organization. Members will look at external and internal communication structures, and, more broadly, how communication with the NACOLE membership and greater oversight community can be streamlined, and enhanced.  This committee will also work hand-in-hand with the other committees to ensure the work of NACOLE is broadcast to a wide audience.

Current Chair: Rodney Jacobs

Elections and Bylaws Committee: Conducts NACOLE elections in accordance with Article VII, Section B of the Association’s Bylaws. Members receive inquiries regarding changes in the Bylaws and prepares and distributes draft bylaw amendments to the Board of Directors and members.

Current Chair: Pierce Murphy

Internal Operations Committee: Focuses on current and future operations of the organization though reviews and recommendations concerning NACOLE’s financials, elections, bylaws, and strategic initiatives. Members will review monthly finances, assist in the creation of a draft budget, research funding mechanisms to aid the organization in expanding capacity, and evaluate other means of furthering the organization’s reach.

Current Co-Chairs: Anthony Finnell and Nicolle Barton

Jail and Prison Oversight Committee: In an effort to assist jail and prison oversight, works on strategies to increase the number of resources, trainings, and support mechanisms available to those advocating for or practicing civilian oversight of jails and prisons.  Members will work on methods to expand the number of jail and prison oversight entities throughout the country and offer the necessary support needed to accomplish this goal.

Current Chair:  Nashla Rivas Salas

Member Support and Advocacy Committee: Supports the association’s current individual and organizational members and work to increase the total number of members. The Committee works with individual and organizational members to develop means for greater involvement and enhanced communication between the board and the membership throughout the year, as well as to increase the number and diversity of NACOLE members engaged in the work of the organization.  The committee is also tasked with developing ways we can support the members of the organization including, but not limited to, the development and implementation of NACOLE's Peer Support Program.

Current Chair: Bart Logue

Policy Development Committee: Many oversight entities have been tasked with working alongside city officials and law enforcement to review existing and recommend new policies. Members of the committee are currently working on developing policies specific to use-of-force but will eventually turn their attention to other topics in an effort to develop resources for those seeking to develop policies and procedures in their jurisdictions.

Current Chair: Brian Williams

Training, Education, and Standards Committee: Provides training and educational opportunities for NACOLE members and the public regarding civilian oversight of law enforcement and relevant law enforcement topics. Members plan and facilitate webinars, regional training events, and academic symposiums; oversee the Certified Practitioner of Oversight program; evaluate nominations for NACOLE  annual awards; and provide assistance as needed for other training and relevant grant-funded projects.

Current Chair: Jayson Wechter