Understanding Use of Force

For both those who conduct and those who review investigations, it is important to know how to recognize, document and investigate blunt force and other injuries sustained by members of the public during arrests and uses of force. In order for those in oversight to develop these skills, they must first have an understanding understand how use of force techniques and how they are taught to members of law enforcement.

On June 7, 2023 NACOLE welcomed Retired Captain Spencer Fomby to discuss and demonstrate use of force techniques. Captain Fomby is the former director of the Boise Idaho Police Department Training, Education, and Development Division. He was previously employed by the Berkeley Police Department in California for 20 years. He has held primary assignments in patrol, narcotics, and crime prevention. He was assigned to SWAT for 18 years as an entry team member, team leader, and tactical commander.

**PLEASE NOTE: A segment of the original recording was removed due to copyright issues.  This segment included a video clip from Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (Season 27, Episode 8).  If you would like to view this episode to have more information on the jiu jitsu techniques being used to train law enforcement please visit the show's website

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