media strategies

Best Practices When Dealing with the Meeting

One of the more significant challenges for civilian oversight agencies is determining how to best interface with the media – both generally, on a daily basis, and when a critical incident strikes.

What, then, are some best practices for handling public outreach – specifically to the media – for a civilian oversight agency? Julie E. Buchwald, Community Relations Coordinator and Special Investigator for the Office of the Inspector General of the LAPD in Los Angeles, will share one tested methodology for creating and sustaining a media strategy, which can be generally adapted to any civilian oversight agency.

Ms. Buchwald will discuss best practices for both direct dealings with the media (i.e., responding to media inquiries, speaking with reporters, and communicating your office’s message) and indirect dealings with the media (i.e., social media, sending out reports, and more.) In addition, Ms. Buchwald will outline some steps that can be taken in advance to prepare for the inevitable critical incident.

Presenter: Julie E. Buchwald