Kim Neal

Kim Neal became the City of Alexandria, Virginia’s Inaugural Independent Policing Auditor and Director in December 2022. Overall, my key responsibility is to enhance positive police accountability to the community through investigations as well as monitoring and/or mediating administrative investigations, operational reviews and all other law enforcement functions in which policing impacts community. Prior to coming to Alexandria, I was the Inaugural Independent Police Oversight Monitor and Director for the City of Fort Worth, Texas. While in Fort Worth, I developed a restorative justice mediation program to address community concerns about policing as an alternative to the traditional complaint investigation process to repair and transform community-police encounters proactively. Preceding Fort Worth, I also served in a similar capacity in Cincinnati, Ohio as the Executive Director of the Citizen Complaint Authority, where I oversaw the independent investigations of misconduct allegations against Cincinnati law enforcement. It was in Cincinnati, I created an interactive program called “Real Talk with CCA” to enhance positive encounters between young adults and law enforcement. I am a Washington, DC native who has dedicated most of my career to public service. I held senior-level positions in law, ethics, policy, employment, investigations, higher education, privacy and information disclosure in both the private and public sectors at the federal, state and local levels of government. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Georgetown University and my Juris Doctorate from University of Baltimore School of Law. I hold two certifications in compliance and ethics, and I am a certified practitioner of law enforcement oversight. I have been a lifelong volunteer and donor of social awareness matters. I am a member of many social and criminal justice organizations, including but not limited to, NAACP (local chapters), IACP, NOBLE, PERF, the Ethics and Compliance Initiative, and I was previously acknowledged in 2021 and 2002 as one of Fort Worth metropolitan area’s most influential people.