International Law Enforcement Auditors Association (ILEAA)

NACOLE entered into a formal partnership with the International Law Enforcement Auditors Association (“ILEAA”).  The mission of ILEAA is to "provide global leadership in increasing the knowledge, skills, abilities, and professionalism of law enforcement agency auditors and those whose professional duties and responsibilities include the oversight, enforcement, and administration of issues related to the enforcement of the law, thereby contributing to the quality of law enforcement throughout the world.”

There is clear overlap between the missions of NACOLE and ILEAA and there are also areas of common professional and technical interest and expertise.  Currently, ILEAA membership is made up of both sworn and civilian personnel from law enforcement agencies, as well as local government auditing departments and other organizations, from Australia, Canada, Greece, and the United States.  ILEAA hosts a number of professional conferences and training seminars around the country, publishes a newsletter, and offers a professional credential, among other things.  A number of NACOLE members are also members of ILEAA.

NACOLE members can now register for ILEAA conferences, workshops, seminars, and educational events at their member rate, and vice versa.  We have also agreed to help advance each other’s respective mission, goals, and member interests and to cross-promote the other’s activities.  The partnership between NACOLE and ILEAA is an important step in continuing to build a stronger and better NACOLE, expand its reach and influence, and grow its membership base.

More information about ILEAA can be found on their website,