George Perezvelez

Mr. George Perezvelez served as the Chair of the BART Police Citizen Review Board (BPCRB) in California during the 2018-2019 cycle having served as the Chair for two prior years. The BPCRB is a multi county oversight board serving the Bay Area. Mr. Perezvelez was first appointed to the BPCRB in 2011 at its inception and served as it first Chair.

Under his leadership the BPCRB reviewed and recommended with the office of the OIPA (Office of the Independent Auditor) the passage of fifty-five recommendations resulting in the enhancement of the BPCRB oversight model. The BPCRB implemented General Orders addressing the Treatment of Transgender Individuals, Homeless Outreach, Body Worn Cameras, Fare Evasion, Impartial Policing as well as the implementation of a minimal Use of Force standard for the BART Police department. One of the first such orders in the country.

Mr. Perezvelez currently serves as the Chair of the Berkeley Police Review Commission (PRC). Appointed in 2007, Mr. Perezvelez has served as its Vice- Chair or Chair for nine years.  Under his leadership the PRC has implemented general orders addressing Fair and Impartial Policing, Body Worn Cameras, Use of Force, Treatment of Transgender Individuals, Lexipol Compliance, CA Police Department Accreditation, Mutual Aid Pacts as well as the recently empowered City of Berkeley Police Oversight Model Review which endeavors to improve the model of one of the first oversight agencies in the United States.

Mr. Perezvelez serves on disciplinary boards of inquiry (BPCRB and the PRC) on allegations of misconduct by police officers. Such boards generate findings and recommend discipline as needed.

Prior to moving to California in 2002, Mr. Perezvelez served in the United States Navy Submarine fleet earning an honorable discharge and Veteran designation. Prior to and after his military service, Mr. Perezvelez centered his work on civil rights, social justice, equality, police reform, public safety, labor rights, immigration and voting rights through organizations like the Human Rights Campaign, ACT UP, Project Open Hand, La Raza and the Southern Immigration Coalition.

Mr. Perezvelez was the closing remarks featured speaker at the NACOLE Bay Area regional training in 2019.

Mr. Perezvelez has been an institutional member of NACOLE via two oversight boards since 2007 and is a certified practitioner under the NACOLE CPO program.

Mr. Perezvelez served as part of the 2018 NACOLE Annual Conference Committee and was the shepherd for the "How to Positively Impact Agency Culture by Influencing Training” presentation by the Los Angeles Office of the Inspector General.

Mr. Perezvelez currently serves in the 2019 NACOLE Annual Conference Committee member as a shepherd and monitor for the “BWC and Law Enforcement Oversight: Three case studies on accessibility, implementation, and implications for the field” with the NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board, the D.C. Office of Police Complaints and the Office of the Independent Auditor for the Bay Area Rapid Transit

In his community, Mr. Perezvelez serves as the treasurer of the East Bay Stonewall Democratic Club, a social political action group which advocates at the local and state level for equality, inclusion, safety and accessibility for the LGBTQI community and its allies.

Mr. Perezvelez is a committee member and the California 15th Assembly District Vice-Chair for the Alameda County Central Democratic Party as well as the Vice-Chair of the finance committee. Mr. Perezvelez serves as the Chair of the Underserved Subcommittee of the Veterans Caucus for the California Democratic Party.

Mr. Perezvelez has served as a public safety advisor to Berkeley City Council members Lori Droste, Susan Wengraf, Kate Harrison, Darryl Moore and former Mayor Tom Bates.

Mr. Perezvelez works as a Director of Operations in San Francisco, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Clark University and an Associate Degree in Management from Johnson and Wales. Mr. Perezvelez lives in Berkeley, CA.