Cameron McEllhiney


Cameron McEllhiney is the newly appointed and first Executive Director of the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement (NACOLE).  As such, she works to provide the support and training necessary to establish and sustain robust, effective oversight of police, jails and prisons. 

Since 1998 she has been a dedicated member of NACOLE and taken on many roles as the organization has grown.  As the Director of Training and Education, she played a leading role in developing, coordinating, delivering, and evaluating local, national, and international training programs. She also has and continues to provide support to oversight practitioners and advocates. Cameron’s work has led her to assist those wishing to establish or enhance civilian oversight mechanisms whether through training or consultation. She has been able to assist communities throughout the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean in this capacity.

Cameron recently served as the project manager and secondary author on a NACOLE project exploring the state of the field, the development of thirteen principles of civilian oversight, and effective practices for civilian oversight of law enforcement entitled Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement: Report on the State of the Field and Effective Oversight Practices. This work continues to serve as guide for those interested in or currently working in the field of civilian oversight.

She first became involved with civilian oversight in 1998 when she was appointed to the Indianapolis Citizens' Police Complaint Board where she served for six years.

Beyond her work with NACOLE, Cameron is the proud mother of two and volunteers with local civic organizations where she assists with governance issues, succession planning, budgeting, fundraising and membership drives, and special events.

Cameron received her undergraduate degree in political science from DePauw University.