2021 NACOLE Webinar Series

Analyzing and Reporting Use of Force Statistics


Patterns and trends in law enforcement use of force are often as important to the communities that law enforcement serve as individual instances of force. Analyzing aspects of law enforcement use of force such as the types of force used, who is subject to force, and the circumstances in which force is applied can reveal potential issues in use of force policies, training, and supervision. In addition, comprehensive reports on use of force produced by civilian oversight agencies can deliver transparency and accountability.

This webinar features presentations from two civilian oversight agencies — the Washington D.C. Office of Police Complaints (OPC) and New Orleans Independent Police Monitor (IPM) — that regularly publish reports analyzing use of force statistics. Each presenter provides an overview of the force reporting systems of the law enforcement agencies they oversee, use of force data collection and validation, analyzing and disaggregating the data, identifying potential use of force policy and data collection issues, and summarizing findings.