Agency Profile-Eugene


Agency: Eugene Police Auditor (Current as of August, 2014)

Contact Information:

Mark Gissiner, Eugene Police Auditor

800 Olive Street

Eugene, OR 97401

P 541-682-5016

Agency Website:

Type of Oversight: Auditor, Board, Monitor, Policy Recommendations, Quality Assurance,

Oversight of:  Eugene Police Department (municipal police agency)

Number of Sworn Officers: 190

Population of City: 156,000

Enabling Legislation:

City Charter Amendment, Ordinance 20374 & Ordinance 20435 (See Attachments 1 & 2)

Protocols Established with Police Association (See Attachment 3)

Staff: 3  full-time

  • Auditor (salary $90,251 – 112,486)
  • Deputy Auditor
  • Administrative Assistant


(See Attachment 3, Police Auditor Protocols)

  • Receives all complaints
  • Classifies all Complaints
  • Monitors investigations conducted by sworn personnel as they are conducted
  • Participates in interviews conducted by sworn personnel
  • Audits investigations after completion by sworn personnel
  • Reviews completed investigations conducted by sworn personnel
  • Makes policy recommendations
  • Monitors complaints classified as criminal complaints but does not participate in the investigation
  • Can compel production of police records.


  • Recommends findings on complaints investigated by sworn personnel
  • City Manager conducts investigations of complaints against the Chief in consultation with the Police Auditor
  • Reports directly to City Council
  • Staffs Civilian Review Board
  • Responds concurrently with Internal Affairs on critical incidents
  • Concurrent with IA has access to IAPro database and Blue Team database.
  • Has jurisdiction over all sworn and non-sworn Eugene Police Dept.  employees.
  • Civilian Review Board does not have jurisdiction over non-sworn personnel.
  • Does not make formal disciplinary recommendations.
  • May classify a case as a “Community Impact” case in which the review board hears a case and provides adjudication recommendations to the Police Chief prior to final adjudication.

Scope of Agency’s Authority:

  • Compel Production of Police Records? Yes, limited to non-criminal investigation records.
  • Authority granted by ordinance
  • Remedy for Violation:  None

Mediation Available: Yes

No established rules/at discretion of Auditor

Paid mediators

Volunteer Board: Yes, Appointed by City Council by vote

Applications vetted by a “community panel” authorized to review applications and make recommendations to city council.

Criteria for Appointment set by Ordinance:

  • Resident of City of Eugene
  • 18 years old or older
  • Pass background investigation
  • Demonstrated ability to be fair, impartial and unbiased
  • Absence of real or perceived bias, prejudice or conflict of interest
  • Record of community involvement
  • Ability to build working relationships and communicate effectively
  • Demonstrated commitment to transparency and public confidence in the police complaint process.

Mission Statement:

To provide an accessible, safe, impartial and responsive intake system for complaints against Eugene Police Department (EPD) employees and to ensure accountability, fairness, transparency and trust in the complaint system through the intake, classification, auditing and adjudication process of the complaint system; and to support and staff a civilian review board that monitors the work of the Police Auditor, reviews complaints cases and provides policy recommendations to the Eugene Police Department and the Police Commission.


Annual Reports of the Civilian Review Board and the Police Auditor (2012)

Results of Surveys:

Survey data appears on Page 22 of 2012 Annual Report

Quarterly or Annual Reports:

The Eugene Police Auditor publishes a weekly newsletter on website.


1) Ordinance 20374

2) Ordinance 20435

3) Police Auditor Protocols