Agency Profile-Atlanta


Agency: Atlanta Citizen Review Board (ACRB) (Current as of September, 2013)

Contact Information:        

Samuel Lee Reid, Executive Director

55 Trinity Avenue, SW

City Hall Tower, Suite 9100

Atlanta, GA 30303

P 404-865-8622

F 404-546-8401

Agency website:

Type of Oversight: Investigative and Review Board

Oversight of: Atlanta Police Department (APD) (municipal police agency)

Number of sworn police officers: Approximately 2000

Population of Community Served: 432,000

Enabling Legislation: City Ordinance (See Attachments 1 & 2)

Staff: 4 total

  • Executive Director (salary $100,000)
  • 2 Investigators
  • 1 Administrative

Authority/function Jurisdiction:

  • Receives Complaints
  • Classifies Complaints
  • Investigates Complaints
  • Recommends findings on complaints investigated by civilian investigators
  • Recommends discipline on complaints investigated by civilians investigators
  • Conducts systemic audits of police department activities
  • Makes policy recommendations

Scope of Agency’s Authority

  • Compel production of agency records
  • Compel production of only city government agencies
  • Compel statements from officers
  • Subpoena documents and evidence
  • Subpoena witnesses
  • All of the above is authorized by Ordinance
  • No remedy available other than traditional Writ of Mandamus

Mediation: No

Volunteer Board: Yes – 11 Members

How Appointed:  Ordinance lists group of community/neighborhood organizations.  Each one nominates one representative.  The nomination must be confirmed by City Council.  Also, Mayor, President of Council, and City Council each get a nomination.

Mission Statement: No

Results of Surveys: No

Annual Reports appear on webpage:


1) ACRB Ordinance

2) ACRB Ordinance Amendment

3) ACRB Complaint Form