NACOLE Achievement In / Contribution to Oversight Award

The NACOLE Achievement in Oversight / Contribution to Oversight Award recognizes a specific accomplishment or contribution to civilian oversight by either an individual, organization, or agency that demonstrated a commitment to the effective oversight of law enforcement, jails, and prisons and to NACOLE’s mission, vision, and values.  

Nominees will be evaluated by their:

Impact on the civilian oversight community: Potentially including contributing to changes in a law enforcement agency, jail or custodial facility; advocating or advancing legislation; helping create, advance or strengthen oversight in a community; having a significant impact on NACOLE and/or civilian oversight.

Effort involved in their achievement or contribution: Potentially including time and energy expended; obstacles or opposition encountered; demonstrated courage and conviction; personal or professional sacrifices.

Innovation: Potentially including innovation in oversight or law enforcement practices.

Commitment to NACOLE’s mission, vision, & values

Commitment to transparency and community engagement: Potentially including advocacy of transparency in law enforcement, jails, prisons, and civilian oversight; efforts to advance open and constructive dialogue with stakeholders.


Past award winners include:

  • Legislators or elected officials who sponsored legislation that established or strengthened oversight.
  • Community activists and organizations that advocated for legislation to establish or improve accountability, or led a successful campaign to defeat a ballot measure that would have weakened oversight of a law enforcement agency.
  • Oversight agencies and individual practitioners that performed an exemplary or innovative review, audit and/or investigation of law enforcement actions.
  • An oversight agency whose leadership and staff courageously and successfully resisted an attempt to significantly diminish its independence and effectiveness.
  • A non-profit journalism production company that published tens of thousands of police misconduct records in an innovative interactive public database.
  • Journalists whose investigative reporting uncovered police killings in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, sparking a federal investigation that led to the prosecution of the officers responsible for the post-Katrina shootings and the cover-up of the shootings.
  • Journalists who investigated significant issues in San Diego’s local law enforcement, including deaths in the county jails and patterns of misconduct in the police Department.
  • Oversight practitioners whose work contributed to effective oversight in their community or to the oversight community at large.
  • An oversight agency attorney who successfully negotiated significant policy changes in the San Francisco Police Department that became models for police and oversight agencies around the country.
  • An oversight agency mediation coordinator who developed a highly successful mediation program that became a model for other agencies, and whose expertise and guidance supported creation of similar mediation programs.


Potential nominees could include:

  • Individual oversight practitioners, including oversight agency staff members or members of volunteer oversight boards and commissions.
  • Oversight agencies, boards and commissions
  • Grassroots or advocacy groups
  • Oversight and accountability organizations
  • Community activists or activist movements
  • Journalists or news organizations
  • Academicians
  • Researchers
  • Individuals, organizations or government officials or agencies involved with monitoring or implementing consent decrees.
  • Civil rights advocates whose work advances effective oversight of law enforcement or jails or prisons
  • Educational institutions

Nomination for this year's awards will be accepted through Wednesday, July 31, 2024. For more information and to submit your nomination(s) please click HERE.