Nicolle Barton

Nicolle_Barton_(1).jpgNicolle Barton has 18 years of professional practice and experience in training, leadership, and operations. Nicolle began her career in corrections with the Missouri Board of Probation and Parole in 2001 as an Officer I. She was promoted to several positions before becoming a Unit Manager in Ferguson. Nicolle helped write the curriculum and start the first St. Louis County P.E.A.C.E. (Preparation for Employment and Career Enhancement) program. This Cognitive Behavior Program was designed for chronically unemployed offenders to overcome barriers to employment and help them make the transition from prison to community successful.

She has earned her Master’s Degree in Legal Studies from Webster University in St. Louis. She also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Administration of Justice from Southern Illinois University. She has a background in both law enforcement and community outreach.

Nicolle has been a longtime supporter and volunteer for Social Justice Reform and Criminal Justice Reform. Nicolle served on the St. Louis County Board of Executives for the Family and Domestic Violence Council from 2009 until 2016. She served on a subcommittee that helped develop the first ever St. Louis County Domestic Violence Court. Nicolle was the Department of Corrections Co-Chair on Domestic Violence for the State of Missouri. She also helped train the entire Southern region of the State on Domestic Violence as well as supervised officers in the Domestic Violence Unit.

Nicolle has helped develop and write policy and procedures, implement training, and have served on various committees throughout her tenure. She has implemented Strategic Planning and Community Outreach efforts in the St. Louis City and surrounding areas. She has conducted numerous trainings including Domestic Violence, Pathways to Change, Career Development, Victim Impact, Life Skills Training, Anti-bias/Anti-racism, Communication skills, and Women in leadership roles.

Nicolle was hired as the first Executive Director for the St. Louis City Civilian Oversight Board after St. Louis City passed legislation in 2015. She was responsible for helping write policy, procedures, and the operating manual for this Board. She was responsible for both paid staff and volunteer Board members. Her office was responsible for monitoring, reviewing, and investigating allegations of police officer misconduct. She also assisted in the development and implementation of trainings. Her office made recommendations to the St. Louis City Metropolitan Police Department regarding patterns and practices of misconduct.

Nicolle often presents and meets with Coro Fellows in Public Affairs which is a leadership development organization that connects diverse leaders from public, private, and civic sectors and empowers them to work together to build a thriving St. Louis Community.

Nicolle is currently the Consent Decree Coordinator for the City of Ferguson. She works as a liaison between the City of Ferguson and the Department of Justice. She is responsible for overseeing and ensuring the City of Ferguson is in compliance with the Consent Decree. She helps review, write, and implement Consent Decree policies. She works closely with the community at-large on several plans including the Ferguson Police Department Training plan and the Community Policing and Engagement plan. She is an Oversight Practitioner who is responsible for monitoring, reviewing, and investigating allegations of officer misconduct. She assists with the development and implementation of training programs and teaches skills that will enhance understanding of diverse communities, de-escalation techniques, and overall communication skills.