Mickey Bradley

Mickey bradleyMickey Bradley

Mickey Bradley is the Chair of Albany, New York’s all-volunteer Citizen Police Review Board and has been a member since being appointed by the city council in 2011.  In that time, he has headed the CPRB’s Mediation Committee, working closely with the Albany PD and the police union to create an effective mediation program that allows citizens to directly address officers to discuss/resolve complaints.  He has also served as the Board’s Police Department Liaison, negotiating policy concerns and suggestions with APD leadership.  And he has overseen the investigation of dozens of citizen complaints, ranging from use of force allegations to civil rights violations.

For the past two years, Mickey has served as the elected Chair of the CPRB, overseeing all of the Board’s work, leading all public meetings, and speaking on behalf of the Board in media interviews, public panels, and community forums. He has reached out to multiple stakeholders (including the mayor, city council members, the APD chief, union leadership, and multiple community organizations) to create partnerships and strengthen the CPRB’s reach and reputation.  Under his leadership, the Board has worked on improving policies for dealing with complainants with mental health issues, communicating with the public, and training incoming officers on community needs and expectations.  He is currently working with the Albany police chief on innovative ways to bring greater transparency and accountability to the department’s disciplinary process.

In his professional life, Mickey has worked for more than 20 years in the field of organizational development as a consultant and coach to clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to municipalities to nonprofits.  With a specialty in Diversity & Inclusion, he provides training on Implicit Bias, Conflict Resolution, Communication, Building Trust, Working Across Differences, and more.  He works with leaders and teams to increase collaboration and effectiveness, and to enact culture change on both the individual and systemic levels.  He has spoken at numerous conferences and symposia.                                                                           

Mickey has been a member of NACOLE for the past 6 years, attended the last three conferences, and served on the committee for this year’s conference.  A native of upstate New York, he holds a B.S. in math from Union College and an M.A. in English from The Statue University of New York at Albany, and is a certified Executive Coach.  He has authored two nationally best-selling baseball books and is an avid traveler who has visited every continent.