Dawn Reynolds

DReynolds-Pic-2012-120x119.jpgDawn is a licensed attorney highly involved in the area public oversight of law enforcement and public safety. She is a Certified Law Enforcement Auditor (CLEA) and an active member of the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement (NACOLE) where she serves as a Board Member. Dawn has worked on NACOLE's Professional Standards and Strategic Planning committees and contributes to its Newsletter. She works with Elite Performance Assessment Consultants, LLC designing and implementing performance audits and training public safety and oversight managers in conducting and designing performance audits. As an attorney Dawn served for many years on the ACLU's Board of Directors in Washington and was on the federal defenders appellate panels in Washington and Oregon.

Her goal is to make lasting contributions to the improvement and expansion of public safety oversight programs throughout the United States.


Risk Identification and Management in Public Safety Programs, Civil Rights, Criminal Law and Procedure, Administrative Law