Agency Profiles

The Professional Standards Committee, on behalf of the Board of Directors, undertook an ambitious and important project to create detailed profiles of civilian oversight agencies/entities across the United States. The Committee's goal was to compile profiles of oversight agencies representing different models of oversight, using a standardized set of criteria (adapted from the agency profiles found in CACOLE’s compendium of all oversight agencies in Canada). Each profile includes attachments and/or links to websites containing relevant original documents related to an agency’s scope, authority and operations. A major goal of this project was to provide individuals or groups who are establishing oversight with models of enabling legislation, regulations, procedures, etc. Below is the list of those profiles that have been prepared to date. Click each agency's name to access its profile.

Albany, NY: Citizens' Police Review Board (Review & Appellate)

Albuquerque, NM: Independent Review Office of the Police Oversight Commission (Auditor, Hybrid, Investigative)

Atlanta, GA: Citizen Review Board (Investigative, Review Board)

Austin, TX: Office of the Police Monitor (Monitor)

Berkeley, CA: Police Review Commission (Commission, Investigative)

Eugene, OR: Office of the Police Auditor & Civilian Review Board (Auditor, Monitor, Review Board)

Kansas City, MO: Office of Community Complaints (Investigative, Quality Assurance)

Los Angeles, CA: Board of Police Commissioners, Office of the Inspector General (Auditor, Investigative, Review)

New Orleans, LA: Office of the Independent Police Monitor (Auditor, Monitoring)

Portland, OR: Portland City Auditor’s Independent Police Review Division (Auditor, Investigative, Monitor)

San Diego, CA: Citizens’ Law Enforcement Review Board (Investigative, Review Board)

San Francisco, CA: Office of Citizen Complaints (Commission, Investigative)