Ainsley Cromwell

A.Cromwell-120x150.jpgAinsley Cromwell has over 15 years of experience investigating complaints of police misconduct. Ainsley works for the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners, Office of the Chief Investigator as a Supervising Investigator. In that capacity he has reviewed and investigated various allegations of police misconduct ranging from improper demeanor to serious uses of force. The office receives approximately 1700 cases a year that must be investigated and reviewed within 90 days. In his current position, Ainsley is responsible for a team of investigators, identifying patterns and trends of police complaints, and database analysis. He also contributes to policy recommendations for the Detroit Police Department. Ainsley has attended NACOLE conferences since 2000. He was elected to the NACOLE Board of Directors in 2010. Currently, Ainsley serves as the NACOLE Vice President and has held positions on the Election and Bylaws, Scholarship, and Finance Committees. Ainsley received his B.A. degree from Alabama A&M University. He is licensed by the State of Michigan as a Professional Investigator.